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At C3, we pride ourselves on fresh and innovative solutions to project challenges. Whether there’s a site issue, a design complication, or a stakeholder engagement problem, we draw on our experience from both sides (client and contractor) of the traditional project divide to identify the best overall solution.


The benefits of our client/contractor mix of experience can’t be overstated. By having a deep appreciation for both sides of the project coin, C3 has a holistic view of the best path forward. Our ability to integrate easily into the wider team allows us to recognise challenges before they become show stoppers.


At C3, one of our core values is ‘people come first’. By living our values, we have built highly robust relationships with key consultants, subcontractors and suppliers, many of whom are the best in their field. Through these relationships, and our commitment to people on a personal level, we can attract the best people to work with us on your next project.

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“The combo of Tamati and Michael, along with First Mechanical, has made for a very strong team. From cost to programme and buildability, this team developed innovative design solutions and delivered them successfully against tight budgets on both the Ormiston School and Plant and Food Research projects.”
Peter Barnard, First Mechanical
“It is extremely satisfying having input into the design to ensure the best possible outcome for the budget, and that's what Tamati encourages. This is where we can add real value and save the client mega bucks, that's what excites us!”
Simon Coulam, Citywide Electrical
“The Ormiston primary school was tough with Mike driving tight timeframes, but by working together and thinking a bit outside the box, we were all able to achieve very satisfactory results. We found Mike fair to deal with and GGE look forward to working with him on the next project.”
Scott de Lacey, GGE
“Mike drove the successful delivery of the first stage of the Plant and Food Research Hamilton Building project. The project included a highly specialised PC3 lab fit out, significant asbestos clearance and the challenges of working around a live lab environment. Mike really owned the project and the result, working tirelessly to achieve a fantastic outcome.”
Michael Ward, Xigo

Traditional Approach vs C3’s Approach


Traditional approach Project activity C3’s fresh approach
Egocentric approach based on “I know best”. Design issues are targeted as a basis for variation claims. Design input No egos and a sincere ‘best for project’ approach. Our focus is on avoiding variations.
Force market to provide LS pricing based on incomplete design. Lazy. Supply chain forced to price in a premium for risks. Subcontract letting Agile. We come up with quick and effective solutions to supply chain constraints. Our ‘measure and value’ packages de-risk jobs for subcontractors. It’s more work for us, but far better value for the client!
Task-based duration allowances. They simply add them up to establish the overall programme. Programming We attack the critical path. Labour analytics allow targeted reductions in onsite man hours of up to 40%.
Paper-based, primitive and error-ridden. Systems and processes 100% cloud based. Real-time client cloud reporting. Our tech savvy allows us to harness the world’s cutting edge technology.