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Capable. Connected. Committed.

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Thomas Edison once said: “There’s a way to do it better – find it!” C3 Construction was born from this philosophy. If you’re planning a commercial project in Auckland, BOP or Waikato, our unwavering commitment to finding a better way can help you to achieve the best outcome for your budget. We believe there’s no longer room in the industry for “that’s how we’ve always done it”. The future of construction is about efficiency through innovation.

C3’s name and approach can be explained with three promises:


First and foremost, we’re great at what we do. With 40+ years’ construction management experience between us, on both client and contractor sides, we know how to do things better. Our ‘no silos’ approach means genuine focus on your goals; our ability to think outside the box brings better ideas to the table. Expect a refreshing break from the old habits that characterise New Zealand’s construction market.


Secondly, we are well connected. Right now the biggest risk to your project is supply chain. There are major failures already occurring and more to come, but we can make sure your project isn’t one of them. We come with key supplier agreements in place and our subcontractors are hand-picked, based on their proven abilities to commit and perform. We believe our clients deserve the best, so we only work with the best.


Finally, we are committed. We bring a fresh energy to the market at a time when it’s most needed. It’s a chaotic time for the New Zealand construction scene, and everyone is getting busier, but with C3 your project will be managed hands-on by a company owner & director – that’s a promise! You just can’t buy that sort of commitment anywhere else.


“We bring a fresh approach to construction by finding better ways to do everything. By challenging the status quo, and incorporating the latest technologies into all our projects, we’re raising the benchmark.”

C3 Construction