Macleans Science and Technology Block

he demolition and re-build of the Macleans Science and Technology blocks is a 3 stage project. Stage 1 consisting of the new Technology Block involved the demolition of the existing asbestos clad, leaking facilities and construction of the new 800m2 technology and food tech block, consisting of 7 new teaching spaces, made up of 1 food tech room, 1 computer teaching space, 2 wood working rooms and 3 metal working rooms (including welding bays). Once completed, C3 was responsible for the relocation of the existing tech block machinery and fittings and fixtures, which had to be transferred over during a school holiday period to ensure continuity for Macleans college. Stage 1 of this project involved significant challenges including, working within a live school, removing asbestos and contaminated ground, tight working areas and detailed delivery management to ensure no downtime to the school and no disruptions to the Cambridge exams period.