Macleans Science and Tech Stage 2 & 3

Stage 2 of the Macleans Science and Technology Project, currently under construction, involves the demolition of the existing leaking, asbestos clad tech block and science preparation rooms, and the construction of a new 1300m2 science block, creating 9 new science laboratories, 1 new science preparation room, a new workroom and various common and open spaces. The project, which started in the 2020/21 Christmas holidays, will be completed and handed over to the school for use at the end of the 2021 school year. The high level of finish including Duralab wall panelling, raking ceiling grid, exposed cable tray and 6m wide sliding fire door.

Tahatai Coast Primary School

Tahatai Coast is a two stage remediation project on the administration building at Tahatai Coast Primary School. The building had been vacant for two years due to water ingress and hazardous levels of mould. Stage 1 consisted of building encapsulation and a full clean and sterilisation. The building then had to be tested and accredited as being safe by an independent consultant. Stage 2 incorporated the removal of the roofing to repitch the trusses, replacement of building cladding and a internal fitout. The project has its challenges working on an existing building with new discoveries at every step of the way and having to be completed within the live school environment. But it means a huge amount to the school community which makes it rewarding. Project commenced November 2020 and is due for completion May 2022.

Macleans Science and Technology Block

he demolition and re-build of the Macleans Science and Technology blocks is a 3 stage project. Stage 1 consisting of the new Technology Block involved the demolition of the existing asbestos clad, leaking facilities and construction of the new 800m2 technology and food tech block, consisting of 7 new teaching spaces, made up of 1 food tech room, 1 computer teaching space, 2 wood working rooms and 3 metal working rooms (including welding bays). Once completed, C3 was responsible for the relocation of the existing tech block machinery and fittings and fixtures, which had to be transferred over during a school holiday period to ensure continuity for Macleans college. Stage 1 of this project involved significant challenges including, working within a live school, removing asbestos and contaminated ground, tight working areas and detailed delivery management to ensure no downtime to the school and no disruptions to the Cambridge exams period.

Flanshaw Road School SNU

This project involved the build of a Special Needs Unit on the Flanshaw Road School campus. Special consideration had to be given to materiality and quality of finishes due to the unique requirements of some of the students. C3 is proud to have sourced an alternative, value for money, playground solution to ensure the students would have access to tactile play areas to suit their needs. A project that was humbling to be involved with, C3 loves to be part of delivering buildings for kids who need and appreciate them.

Hauraki Primary School Stage 1

This project, completed in February 2021, was a 2 stage project, firstly involving an enabling works package, undertaking the demolition of the existing asbestos clad classroom and infrastructure blocks and construction of a new carpark and services compound. Then in stage 2, the construction of a new 2 storey teaching block housing 10 classrooms with associated resource and amenities. C3 was engaged under an ECI contract to assist with the buildability of design, with particular focus on site access constraints and logistics. C3 takes its ECI commitments seriously, a detailed report at Developed Design stage ensured clear strategies were identified and reported to the client as a means to mitigate projects risks early on.

Macleans College Walkways Rebuild

This project involves the careful rebuild of nearly a kilometre of covered walkways around Macleans College. To add to the challenge, the existing walkways house the schools main services infrastructure. C3 stepped up to the logistical challenge, managing multiple workfaces, whilst maintain critical access for students and teachers, as well as maintaining live services to the entire school campus.

Macleans College Mansfield House

This design and build project involved the rebuild of Mansfield House, circa 1000m2 of Whanau Block unique to Macleans College. The design team, lead by Roy Bloc of Brewer Davidson Architects, thoughtfully designed a building that fit the Macleans College Whanau Block pedagogy, but also was flexible enough to fit the MOE Innovative Learning Environment standards. Tight timeframes drove split consents and fast tracked design and construct methodologies to ensure completion on time.

Hingaia Peninsula School Stage 2a

C3 is proud to deliver over 1000m2 of new innovative learning spaces at this leading edge junior school in Karaka, Auckland. With intricate design including multi pitched roof with LVL roof frame, the use of 3d modelling technology and drone based 3d photogrammetry was instrumental in ensuring a smooth erection process.